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The Official Token of the Flat Earth


Unlock Tokens by Unlocking Minds

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"DOME is the first token in the history of cryptocurrency to Monetize Truth."

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What You Need to Know Before You Click 

How to Setup a Wallet and Purchase Coins on Pulse Chain

Purchasing Coins on Pulse Chain is very simple, but there are a few steps that need to happen before your first transaction.  See video.  Once you have PLS in your MetaMask Wallet, click the Buy Now button to purchase DOME.

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$DOME is not Proof of Work,
or Proof of Stake.
$DOME is Proof of Mind.


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The "Minding" or unlocking of Dome Tokens will be accomplished by referring the FE App to new users.  When an FE App User makes a referral, with their personal referral code, they will receive DOME, after providing an authentic MetaMask Wallet Address. 


Earth Day Air Drop

The EDAD will take place every April 22nd, Earth Day, where unclaimed tokens from the previous year  will be airdropped to all referral holders, based on their individual percentage of total app referrals.


The Flattening

Every April 22th, the amount of DOME Tokens allocated for mining the following year will be cut in half.  This ensures there will always be DOME TOKENS available for referral rewards and the EDAD.       



Total Supply: 1 Trillion

45% - Distributed to Key Partners for Consulting, Promotion, Marketing,  Liquidity,  Launch, Decentralization and Price Protection.


20% - Remains in Origin Address (OA)* for Future Development.

15% - Released into the Wild, on

7.5% - Original Air Drop to FE App Users

12.5% - App Referral Program / Earth Day Air Drops 

*OA Funds are reserved for the sole purpose of benefiting DOME holders (DOMERS).

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